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Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. (“DHK” for short) is a specialist enterprise engaged in the R&D, manufacture and sales of bearings.Is a famous China Machine Tool Angular Contact Ball Bearings Manufacturers and Automobile Angular Contact Ball Bearings Factory, we offer Wholesale Machine Tool Angular Contact Ball Bearings for sale. And is located in Ningbo Zhenhai Economic Development Zone with convenient transportation. Since the establishment for over a decade, "technology", "quality" and "service" have always been the initial issues in our mind for the sake of development. We provide reliable products and special customized services for global enterprises in heavy industry and have got the Satisfaction and won good reputation of a number of enterprises at home and abroad.

DHK mainly produces cylindrical roller bearings, conical roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, ball bearings, as well as various kinds of non-standard bearings and bearings with specially treated surface. So far, DHK’s bearings have been widely applied in such fields as engineering machinery, industrial pump, machine tool, compression engine, gear case, wind power and metallurgy in developed European and American countries.

DHK has the measuring room and inspection room of bearings in the industry and has introduced top-end inspection equipment worldwide and established the QC system in China,thus guaranteeing product quality in an all-round way.


DHK has passed IATF16949 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification;and DHK is a national high-tech enterprise.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

Machine tool bearings are specialized components designed to facilitate smooth and accurate movement within machine tools. They are integral to various manufacturing processes, such as cutting, shaping, and drilling, where precision is paramount. These bearings are engineered to withstand high radial and axial loads while maintaining low friction levels. By reducing friction and ensuring proper alignment, machine tool bearings enhance the overall efficiency and longevity of the manufacturing equipment.
There are several types of machine tool bearings, each tailored to specific operational requirements:
a. Angular Contact Bearings: These bearings are designed to handle both radial and axial loads. They offer high stiffness and accuracy, making them suitable for applications requiring precise positioning and rapid movements.
b. Cylindrical Roller Bearings: With their cylindrical-shaped rollers, these bearings provide high radial load capacity. They are commonly used in applications where heavy loads need to be supported without compromising accuracy.
c. Tapered Roller Bearings: Tapered roller bearings can handle both radial and axial loads at a time. They are often used in pairs or sets to provide accurate axial and radial positioning, making them suitable for spindle applications.
d. Precision Ball Bearings: These bearings are characterized by their high rotational speed capabilities and precise radial and axial movement. They are ideal for applications demanding both speed and accuracy, such as high-speed milling and grinding.

3. Factors to Consider When Selecting Machine Tool Bearings:
Choosing the right machine tool bearings is essential to ensure optimal performance and reliability in manufacturing operations. Consider the following factors during the selection process:
a. Load Capacity and Direction: Determine the type and magnitude of the loads the bearings will encounter. Choose bearings that can handle both radial and axial loads if required by your application.
b. Speed Requirements: Different bearings have varying speed limits. Consider the operational speed of your machine tool and select bearings that can withstand the required RPM without compromising accuracy.
c. Precision and Tolerance: Manufacturing processes demand high precision. Opt for bearings with the appropriate tolerance levels to ensure accurate positioning and movement.
d. Lubrication and Sealing: Proper lubrication is crucial for reducing friction and preventing premature wear. Bearings with effective sealing mechanisms can protect against contaminants and prolong their lifespan.