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Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd.

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Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. (“DHK” for short) is a specialist enterprise engaged in the R&D, manufacture and sales of bearings. Is a famous China With Adapter Sleeve Series Suppliers and With Adapter Sleeve Series Manufacturers, we offer With Adapter Sleeve Series for sale. And is located in Ningbo Zhenhai Economic Development Zone with convenient transportation. Since the establishment for over a decade, "technology", "quality" and "service" have always been the initial issues in our mind for the sake of development. We provide reliable products and special customized services for global enterprises in heavy industry and have got the Satisfaction and won good reputation of a number of enterprises at home and abroad.

DHK mainly produces cylindrical roller bearings, conical roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, ball bearings, as well as various kinds of non-standard bearings and bearings with specially treated surface. So far, DHK’s bearings have been widely applied in such fields as engineering machinery, industrial pump, machine tool, compression engine, gear case, wind power and metallurgy in developed European and American countries.

DHK has the measuring room and inspection room of bearings in the industry and has introduced top-end inspection equipment worldwide and established the QC system in China,thus guaranteeing product quality in an all-round way.


DHK has passed IATF16949 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification;and DHK is a national high-tech enterprise.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion About This Category

1: What Are With Adapter Sleeve Series Bearings and Their Applications?
With adapter sleeve series bearings are a specialized category of bearings that hold significant importance in various industries. These bearings are designed to accommodate slight misalignments between the shaft and housing, offering a solution to challenges arising from installation errors or thermal expansion effects. They are often used in applications where precise alignment is crucial, such as conveyor systems, pumps, fans, and industrial gearboxes.
These bearings consist of two main components: the bearing itself and an adapter sleeve. The adapter sleeve is a cylindrical sleeve that slides onto the shaft, serving as a platform for mounting the bearing. The sleeve can be easily tightened or loosened to achieve the desired shaft position, simplifying the alignment process. With adapter sleeve series bearings are known for their versatility and are found in various industries, including manufacturing, mining, construction, and agriculture.

2: How Do With Adapter Sleeve Series Bearings Facilitate Installation and Alignment?
The installation and alignment of bearings can be complex tasks that require precision and attention to detail. With adapter sleeve series bearings offer a clever solution to these challenges. The adapter sleeve itself plays a vital role in the alignment process. When the bearing is mounted onto the sleeve, the inner ring of the bearing can be shifted axially, allowing for minor adjustments to achieve optimal alignment with the shaft.
The sleeve is equipped with a tapered bore that matches the tapered outer surface of the bearing's inner ring. This design enables the sleeve to be easily mounted onto the shaft, and as it is tightened, the sleeve contracts, exerting pressure on the tapered bore of the bearing. This axial force results in a secure fit and precise alignment of the bearing, minimizing vibrations and promoting efficient machinery operation.

3: What Factors Should Industries Consider When Sourcing With Adapter Sleeve Series Bearings?
When industries consider integrating with adapter sleeve series bearings into their equipment, several crucial factors come into play. These considerations ensure that the selected bearings align with the specific requirements of the application, enhancing overall performance and longevity.
Load Capacity and Speed: Different applications require bearings with varying load capacities and speed ratings. Industries need to assess the projected loads and rotational speeds to select bearings that can withstand the operational demands without compromising performance.
Compatibility: Compatibility between the bearing and the adapter sleeve is paramount. Ensuring that the inner diameter of the bearing's inner ring matches the diameter of the sleeve's tapered bore is crucial for proper fitment and alignment.
Environmental Conditions: The operating environment significantly affects bearing performance. Industries operating in harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures or corrosive environments, need to choose bearings that are designed to withstand these challenges.
Maintenance and Accessibility: Bearings might require periodic maintenance or replacement. Opting for bearings with features that facilitate easy disassembly and reassembly can save valuable time and effort during maintenance cycles.