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Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd.

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Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. (“DHK” for short) is a specialist enterprise engaged in the R&D, manufacture and sales of bearings. Is a famous China Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings Suppliers and Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings Manufacturers, we offer Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings for sale. And is located in Ningbo Zhenhai Economic Development Zone with convenient transportation. Since the establishment for over a decade, "technology", "quality" and "service" have always been the initial issues in our mind for the sake of development. We provide reliable products and special customized services for global enterprises in heavy industry and have got the Satisfaction and won good reputation of a number of enterprises at home and abroad.

DHK mainly produces cylindrical roller bearings, conical roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, ball bearings, as well as various kinds of non-standard bearings and bearings with specially treated surface. So far, DHK’s bearings have been widely applied in such fields as engineering machinery, industrial pump, machine tool, compression engine, gear case, wind power and metallurgy in developed European and American countries.

DHK has the measuring room and inspection room of bearings in the industry and has introduced top-end inspection equipment worldwide and established the QC system in China,thus guaranteeing product quality in an all-round way.


DHK has passed IATF16949 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification;and DHK is a national high-tech enterprise.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion About This Category

1. Four-row cylindrical roller bearing: how to support the huge load of heavy industry?
In heavy industry, huge loads are the norm, and four-row cylindrical roller bearings are designed for that. These bearings have four rows of cylindrical rollers inside, allowing them to share greater loads. Unlike traditional roller bearings, the rollers in a four-row bearing share the load more evenly, reducing stress on individual rollers. In addition, the larger contact area between the rollers helps spread the load, thereby increasing the load-carrying capacity of the bearing. This design also eliminates the cage in traditional roller bearings, reducing friction and wear.
By optimizing the shape and material of the rollers, these bearings can maintain stable operation under high load conditions. In addition, the bearing's inner and outer ring geometry and clearance settings are also key factors in ensuring load sharing and stability. By delving into these design principles, we can better understand how four-row cylindrical roller bearings achieve stability and reliability under enormous loads in heavy industry.

2. Bearing design innovation: How can four-row cylindrical roller bearings cope with changing industrial challenges?
As heavy industry grows, so do the requirements placed on bearings. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings meet diverse challenges through their innovative design. For example, by optimizing the geometry and material of the rollers, bearings can reduce friction and wear at high speeds. The design of the inner and outer rings has also been carefully optimized to increase the rigidity and stability of the bearing, so as to maintain excellent performance under different working conditions.
In addition, four-row cylindrical roller bearings have also innovated in sealing and lubrication technology. These innovative designs help extend bearing life and reduce maintenance needs. A continual effort in design innovation allows these bearings to adapt to increasingly complex and harsh industrial environments, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.

3. Future outlook: How will the role of four-row cylindrical roller bearings evolve in emerging technologies?
With the continuous advancement of industrial technology, emerging fields such as robotics, automation and green energy have put forward new requirements for bearings. As one of the key components, four-row cylindrical roller bearings have the potential to play a greater role in these fields? Does its unique design meet the needs of these technological developments?
In the field of robotics, four-row cylindrical roller bearings can support joints and transmission systems, ensuring the precise movement and stability of robots. In automation engineering, these bearings can be used in conveyor belts, robotic arms and production lines, providing high-load and long-life performance. In the field of green energy, these bearings can be used in wind and solar power generation systems, and are favored for their reliability and durability in harsh environments.