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Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. (“DHK” for short) is a specialist enterprise engaged in the R&D, manufacture and sales of bearings.Is a famous China Engineering Machinery Tapered Roller Bearings Manufacturers and Engineering Machinery Tapered Roller Bearings Factory, we offer Wholesale Engineering Machinery Tapered Roller Bearings for sale. And is located in Ningbo Zhenhai Economic Development Zone with convenient transportation. Since the establishment for over a decade, "technology", "quality" and "service" have always been the initial issues in our mind for the sake of development. We provide reliable products and special customized services for global enterprises in heavy industry and have got the Satisfaction and won good reputation of a number of enterprises at home and abroad.

DHK mainly produces cylindrical roller bearings, conical roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, ball bearings, as well as various kinds of non-standard bearings and bearings with specially treated surface. So far, DHK’s bearings have been widely applied in such fields as engineering machinery, industrial pump, machine tool, compression engine, gear case, wind power and metallurgy in developed European and American countries.

DHK has the measuring room and inspection room of bearings in the industry and has introduced top-end inspection equipment worldwide and established the QC system in China,thus guaranteeing product quality in an all-round way.


DHK has passed IATF16949 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification;and DHK is a national high-tech enterprise.

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Are you looking for high quality rolling mill bearings?
Do you want to work with a reliable manufacturer who puts quality first?
Do you want to learn about the latest developments and technologies in the bearing industry?
If your answer is yes, then Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. rolling bearing manufacturing company is your unmissable partner. As a leading manufacturer of rolling mill bearings in the industry, we have been deeply involved in the bearing field for many years and have accumulated rich experience and expertise to provide you with excellent quality bearing products and comprehensive solutions.

1. How can we guarantee the excellent quality of rolling mill bearings?
Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. Rolling Bearing Manufacturing Company makes no compromises in guaranteeing superior quality. We have a skilled R&D team, constantly pursuing technological innovation, and are committed to solving the challenges of bearings in extreme environments such as high speed, high temperature, and high load. We strictly control the material selection and production process to ensure that each bearing can withstand harsh working conditions and prolong its service life.

2. How is our cooperation with customers deepened?
Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. rolling bearing manufacturing company knows that customer satisfaction is our greatest achievement. We are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with our customers, and providing personalized solutions through an in-depth understanding of customer needs. Whether it is custom design or mass production, we maintain close communication with customers to ensure that the project is delivered smoothly and meets customer expectations.

3. How will the rolling mill bearing industry develop in the future?
Ningbo DHK Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. Rolling bearing manufacturing company has been actively participating in the frontier exploration of the industry. We work closely with research institutes and partners to keep track of industry trends and technological breakthroughs. We regularly organize bearing technology seminars to introduce the latest technological developments to customers and share strategies to deal with market challenges. We believe that through cooperation and communication, we can jointly promote the sustainable development of the bearing industry.